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A personal place
in digital space

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About Me

Hello, My Name is Zac
And I am a resident of the earth
So we have at least that much in common

What you want from this page is driven by your own reasons for being here, which I cannot know in advance. Thus, a different option for each possible audience:

  • You Are A Robot

    By far the most likely option, but I fear you will not get much benefit from parsing this site. Sadly you are also unable to head this warning, so I hope you are kind to my data and I wish you safe travels.

  • You Are A Person Who Knows Me Already

    The next most likely option, so let me first say, "hello friend!" Do you need some way of reaching out to me? There are icons below to send me an email, or to download my PGP public key if that is a thing you want to make use of. You can also get info about Luminance with one of those handy icons.

  • You Are Trying to Offer Me Gainful Employment

    As a non-billionaire I must work in order to live, so thank you for your interest in assisting me in that endeavor. If you are trying to find for me a new and improved place of employment, then the icon below will take you to my resume on LinkedIn.

  • You Are A Stranger, Washed Ashore Here By Chance

    The imagination reels at what strange twists of fate brought you to this moment. The odds against you reading this are so high that it makes this occurrence special from the sheer unlikeliness alone. Drop me a line if only to commemorate this unique event.